Tuesday, September 27, 2011

reynolds round-up #1

There is such a freedom from no longer being on facebook but I feel the loss of sharing my family in a real-time way with other family members. So I'm going to try to do a weekly round-up of what we've been up to....

Besides the scare we faced this past week, we've had many other things going on.

The chickens continue to be a source of something...not sure if it's joy or stress quite yet. We finally found a good home for our rooster Prada. He crowed ALL the time. When I say all the time, I mean all the time. He'd crow for about 20 minutes straight sometimes. I had to keep him locked up and muted more than I wanted to.  Well now that we found him a new home, KFC (king fluffy chicken) had decided to step up to noisy rooster spot. He's not yet as bad but time will tell.  Oh and speaking of Prada.....his favored hen disappeared on Friday. I was putting the chicken back into their fence in yard and I couldn't find her. I could hear her, far off. I was convinced that she'd taken off in search of her man that we'd sent at least an hour away from here. When I went back into the house through the downstairs door to hurry Esther to on our chores, there sat Red, our hen, in the house.  I couldn't believe it. She'd been in the house for at least over an hour. I had left the front screen door open by accident and apparently she'd come in that way.  Then on Sunday night I was sitting in the classroom talking to my sister on the phone and I could hear the chickens having a fit. I figured that KFC was trying to pick out a hen and was harassing them all. My husband walks in the house with our cat (who's an indoor only cat) that he found outside. Apparently the screen door was left open, yet again, and the cat was sitting in the doorway of the chickens' fenced in yard, when they were trying to get in and get to their coop. According to my husband she was sitting in the doorway like the Sphinx. She walked around the house a little taller that night. 

This month has been filled with helping with the floods, a birthday party for my mom, Esther's recital, the beginning of school (two times for my son who started high school this year), two lost front teeth, beginning of soccer, beginning of swim lessons and grape picking.  

We were down to one car for the first half of the month. One of the mornings I needed the car Esther rolled her eyes as we were leaving and said "Well at least daddy's work is close. If it was in like Idaho, I'd freak out."  The things that she says sometimes...

Here's some pics of what we've been up to: 

Esther and her nuggets

1st day of school

and the day she lost her 1st tooth
(she swallowed it)
Zion School of Performing Arts students

Lamb of God

Lean on Me

Watkins Glenn 

Esther's 4th year grape picking by the lake

swim lessons

found a location for the shower!!

1st soccer practice. they postponed it a couple weeks
because the park they normally use was under
water and they had to find a new location

Thank you Lord for all you've given me, for hearing our prayers this week and answering them, for standing by me and being faithful even when I am not. I am grateful beyond words for all that you have given me, especially for my family and the day to day moments with them. 

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. 
~psalm 107:1

letting that breath out

I've had a few times in my life, very few thank God, where I felt an intense fear. Not for myself but for someone I deeply love. We just went through one of those periods. My husband and his son sat in a dr's office and was told he may be facing the "C" word. Who would have thought one word could rock the earth you're standing on just as effectively as if you just had a 8.5 earthquake shake you. Not one of our kids. It's a reality you can't prepare for.

We contacted our ministry teams to request prayers and for the last 3 days we've felt that blanket of prayers protecting us, lifting us up, giving us strength. After many tests, lots of prayer and frankly some pretty deep fear we've found out the initial diagnosis was wrong. We can't be upset about this because we are overwhelmed with praise to our God that he's ok.

Finally our family can let that collective breath out and rest in today....

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Did you ever hear or see something that made you take a sharp intake of breath? Then you let it out slowly, oh so very slowly, in the hopes that it will help calm you or help you take it all in or maybe, just maybe, you can unhear or unsee what it was?

I am still breathing out. I wonder if our whole family's collective exhale can make it no more...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

end of facebook for me

It's been a little over three years that I've been on facebook. I've really enjoyed it. I've enjoyed the connections and the daily interactions with those I know and love. I love sharing my life and being a daily part of other's lives. But like my husband says to me many times...it's time for my facebook friends to go home.  I actually think it's more appropriate for me to say, "This party's been great but it's time for ME to go home."  I was ready to disable FB when the Floods hit (a different posting on that coming), but they were a life line for me to many I know who were posting their safety and locations during evacuations via their cell phones as Owego was being consumed by the Susquehanna. Then I was able to have one central place to gather info about what was going to to pass to my parents in Apalachin who had no power for four days. Facebook has it's benefits but it also has it's downfalls.

For me, I've come to realize that many deep relationships have become very surface due to two sentence comments on walls and relationships that seem close really aren't when you're in public and that other person ignore you OR I duck to avoid them.  I desire relationships the way they used to be...where I knew what was really going on in someone's life and they knew what was going on in mine. Facebook, I believe, really only allows you to know about 10% of someone's life. There have been times I've actually gotten annoyed with friends or family because I posted something on FB and they didn't see it or know what was going on.

With homeschooling my youngest now, it's time for me to take a LONG over due break from Facebook.  I'm sure I'll pop in here and there but I will be removing it from my daily part of life. I've decided that the relationships that suffer through this will be the ones that weren't really there in the first place. I hope that doesn't sound snotty but I truly want to know YOU, not just read what you're having for dinner or what cute thing your child did today. I want to know you on a level that we can share our trials and joys.

Anyone who wants to share their email address or phone number with me,  I will keep in touch with you!