Friday, September 24, 2010

changing seasons

I love summer but I always welcome fall because of all the wonderful things.  There are too many wonderful things about fall to pinpoint a favorite but the explosion of colors has to be in my top five "Favorite Fall Things".  There's also the sounds of leaves falling and blowing around, the explosion of sweet and sour when I bite into a concord grape and the delectable combination of apples with cinnamon and nutmeg.
But back to school is one of my favorites. I love getting back into a routine, not to mention the fact that the house is a bit quieter. This year back to school took on a whole new meaning.  Amid lots of prayer, soul searching and discussions of pros, cons and God's will, my husband and I have decided that Esther is to be homeschooled. I've fervently prayed for God to walk each step with me. I know I do not have the strengthen to do this on my own without Him or my husband's help and support. Esther is really doing great with the style we're using and she's retaining all the information that's being presented to her. She looks forward to sharing the knowledge she is gaining. It's exciting for me also because I'm learning all sorts of new things myself. It's one of the goals of classical education, to redeem two generations!

Lord I pray that you continue to use me in all areas you've placed me, especially where my family is concerned. Help me to be a good model for my children, my husband, my extended family, friends and those I've yet to meet.