Saturday, June 30, 2012

reynolds photo round-up ~ spring 2012

Part one of...I'm not sure how many. More to come, very soon I do hope!

Spring Where You're Planted
Father/Daughter Dance 2012
Esther and Daddy dancing

Doctor Who cake

I made him Fish Finger and Custard
(from Doctor Who)

I think she's a chicken whisperer. She's the only one who can catch them easily. 

Last MOPS meeting (ever for me)

May 2012.  Esther was the 1st one in the pool! 

the start of my garden. It looks really different now. 

the start of a tantrum...

oh there she goes, getting a good whine going

that's my girl....2 seconds later, she's laughing.

now hamming it up

drying off after a dip in the pool.
the weather in May was beautiful

no words....

always the comedian and hard worker...
helping daddy haul garbage cans up from the road 

another member of our "family"

I love the joy in her eyes

Michael helping to clear shrubs

the dog and the chickens following her through the front yard


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


He would have celebrated a 14th birthday in February. He'd be heading into high school in the fall. Would he be dark haired like his brother? Or look like me? Would he be quiet, funny, outgoing, shy, athletic or a bookworm? How can I ache with longing to hold a child I never got to see? How could I ever move past this one single decision in my life? Will he embrace me, accept me and forgive me, the day we begin living eternity together?  These are all questions that roll over me like an ocean wave on this day, and many others, each year.

I'm humbled by God's forgiveness on the cross; that I could make such a choice in my life and He still calls me His child. Without His watchful eye over me, on my darkest days, I wouldn't be here today. Without His love, I couldn't stand under the weight of what I choose. Without Him sending amazing women into my life, I may have never faced this decision.

Today, I can stand before Him with no shame, no guilt. He took that from me and placed it on Himself. Today, I can share my story, openly freely, in hope that it will help others find healing from the decision of abortion.  Today, I can love my children instead of pushing them away in shame. Today, that ocean wave can roll over me, bringing up questions and sadness without drowning me.

Today...I can remember Caleb Matthew.

Monday, June 18, 2012

thoughts for today...


Outside my's chilly and dreary. The perfect day according to one of my sons, not for me though

I am thinking...about our summer plans and looking forward to the chaos that summer brings with all the gatherings and parties to throw and attend

I am thankful...for the large family we have

In the a place of mixed feelings. in the winter it's a refuge and place of creativity and joy for me but in the summer: it's like a prison. I'm so grateful for our grill so time cooking can be spent outside instead of cooped up in the house 

I am creating...not much with the warm days. I'd rather be outside in the garden than inside crafting 

I am going...for a LONG overdue visit with a dear friend this week 

I am wondering...if I'll ever get next years curriculum done in time

I am reading...too many books at once. I've had to stop all my other reading to concentrate on my CM books. 

I am hoping...for a healthy grand-baby that will be here before summers over

I am looking forward to...the hot temperatures coming this week

I am to create my own curriculum for very little money

I am struggling with...fatigue. hoping the dr will have some answers for me next month
Around the house...the garden and my flowers are finally all in and we've had our 1st radishes from the garden

In the classroom...are trying Life of Fred. I love the stories, I hope the kids do too

One of my favorite things...being outside on warm days

** no picture in this post. my computer with my pictures is turned off and I have no pictures on this time