Sunday, October 23, 2011

STILL no car

Yesterday was the homecoming dance. My son, who by the way, is growing up entirely too fast, was planning on going to the homecoming dance. I would love to post a picture of how handsome he is and how absolutely adorable his girlfriend is but I don't have permission from him. My heart broke just a little because I know how fast the next 4 years are going to fly by and he'll be heading to his last big dance of his high school career. Still feels like yesterday that we were sending the other's off to their proms!

Anyway, as normal I digress. So we're heading out on the 40 minute drive back "home" to drop him off and to pick up my car from our mechanic, that broke down there two weeks ago, and I can't help but feel a bit of sadness that I'll have a car again. I know, sounds weird, right? But it's been really nice having to look at my schedule and say, "Nope, sorry I just can't do this we only have one car" or think, this is very important and we need to take the van for this. Oh and can I say I've gotten spoiled driving my little 4 cyl 5 speed. Putting gas in the van is killing me even just the little I'm driving it. So I get in the car, thinking it will be nice to have it back but now I'm going to have to just learn to say NO because I've just enjoyed the extra time home. Oh to digress just a little...the house LOOKS like I've been stranded for two weeks. It's amazing what you get done when you're not running all the time. 

So I put the key in, it turns over, starts to purr then chokes, coughs, sputters and dies.  I tried the key a couple more times before getting my hubby to come play with it. He couldn't get it going either. I have a mix bag of feelings on this. 

Since July we've had a broken down car or van three times now, breaking down in Owego each time. I joke that Owego's mad we moved away but as my husband has said, we think God's trying to get my attention. Through some deep prayer I was lead in the spring to quit the part time job I had in a ministry I loved and to back out of a bunch of stuff I was involved in. As I was heading into fall the only thing I now had a commitment to was MOPS and this is my last year on steering.  I've filled the free time back up with activities for Esther.  Between the flood and extra activities, we've been running since September without much break.  Driving exhausts me, wears me down and by the weekend I'm wiped out. I have respect for those that drive for a living because I couldn't do it!

I have received much rest the last two weeks. I did not realize the extent that I was run down. Yes, we're still doing activities but not like before. I am able to get up at 6 am again, without issue, and have my pre-family-awake devotional time. Esther and I get her classes done and then we dive into the house. Upstairs finally looks great (except for the construction going on but it's exciting to see what the rooms will be like when we're done). I'm feeling my creativity and joy coming back to life. I'm finally looking forward to the holiday season again and I can't wait till the day we renew our vows. 

It was with mixed feelings that we drove away from the garage without my car. We half joke that there must still be work to do at home. However, Randy and I have seen God's hand in our lives too many times to not see that there is a reason I'm still without a car. 

Lord, I pray for wisdom and guidance as I face the tasks of the next week, to know where you desire me to stand by my commitments and where I should step away. Mostly, I want to say Thank you, for the peace and understanding that it will all work out, the way it's meant to.

Friday, October 21, 2011

thoughts for today

Outside my's a cold cloudy October day. I can hear the roosters crowing and now that the leaves are gone, I can see the neighbor's house quite clearly. It's funny how I didn't realize they were THAT close. I just pray the house sells to nice people! (not that the currents residents don't seem nice)

From the learning rooms...Esther is learning to tell time on a "real" clock (not digital). So we did a clock project as part of her lessons. She decorated and built a clock. She's so proud of it. She hung it in her room....until bedtime when the ticking got to her. It is now hanging in my living room where the ticking of the seconds reminds me of all I need and want to accomplish and how little time I really have. 

it's a bit crocked but works great

From the kitchen...I have the next three days dinner's planned out. It's so nice to be ahead of the game.  

I am creating...a history timeline with Esther. This is going to be a really fun, educational, memorable project! 

I am going...swimming and for a hair cut today. Woo Hoo I live the life. Actually I'm always telling my hubby I cherish our quiet simple life. 

I am reading...Women of the Bible as part of my morning devotion 

I am praying...for two women I've never met who have cancer. They weigh heavy on my heart lately. 

I am favorite band, Casting Crowns

Around the house...trees are coming down, walkways are being designed, rooms are being redone. It's chaos and I love it. Counting down to my dream fridge. (yes the simple things bring me joy)

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...Esther's measurement "chart", it's now actually become a milestone wall. We write all the big things on here. 

I used to wash the handprints from the wall.
Now I help her add them to the wall. I look
forward to many more being added. 

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Monday, October 17, 2011

fall thoughts

Outside my's dark but I hear the slight fall breeze blowing the dying leaves around

I am thinking...about how thankful I am that I'm finally falling in love with the home that God lead us to,  it's only taken me 5 months.  Something about this month has really grabbed me here. 

From the learning, we are working on so much, lapbooks, history timeline, reading, writing, music

From the kitchen...I'm so excited. We've ripped down most of the wall, ripped up the floor, and finally have a vision in place. We are seeing what a difference the missing wall will make and I'm enjoying being in the kitchen again now that I'm not cut off from the rest of the house. 

I am creating...ah, my last post said "sadly nothing" this time I can respond: 2 scarves, wristlets (yep FINALLY learned to crochet), "wedding" invites, newsletters, video albums, yummy fall desserts and a home... 

I am Women of Faith in 2 weeks and I'm so very excited about it. 

I am reading... Charlotte Mason's lectures  

I am hoping...That Esther will learn to love ice skating :) 

I am phone beeping because of a facebook notification. yes, I did say facebook. I'm on it in very very limited time with very limited people, those that I already have deeper relationships with. 

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing... Same ones last time I did Thoughts for the day but different description!! 

(actually 2, contrasting pictures of my daughter in one week. One reflects how I feel currently and the other is where I've been for months now...Thank you Lord for helping me out of that hole.) 

pure joy

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