Monday, June 3, 2013

The Curve In The Road

Many years ago, we lived on a little mountain. It wasn't an ordinary mountain, not to us anyway. It was a mountain full of life, love, family and God's beauty.

The sunsets were breathtaking.

A nightly view we never grew tired of ~ 2008 

The days were full of sunshine. Rarely did the fog touch us. Most days, we were well above the fog.

One of the valleys surrounding us ~ 2008

The views went on for miles.

In the summer we could see at least four different firework shows in the towns around us ~ fall 2008

And the winters were the harshest I've ever endured in New York!!  There are no trees to stop the wind so it blows all year long.  It keeps the summers cooler but makes the winters extra burtal. The wind would blow the snow under our doors and into our house.

snow blowing across the road. The drifts were taller than us, sometimes  ~  jan 2009

Despite all that, it was a place we loved.

Fifteen months after moving up there we left. We mourned leaving the hill. We went from a mountain top house, to a tiny house in the woods with hardly any sun. It was very difficult for me yet God used that time to teach me about being happy where ever he planted me.

We left for a variety of reason, all out of our control, yet that hill has remained imbedded in our hearts.  

My husband and I joined together into an extended time of prayer and fasting this spring, with many prayers on our hearts but one of our common prayers was about our future. He's about 11 years away from retirement and where we'll live is one of our big questions.  We deeply desire Florida but with family here, we didn't want to just leave everyone behind.

With one day left in our fast, my husband stumbled upon a farmer who had a piece of property for sale, on that very hill. Different place on the hill but still amazing views with stunning sunsets. A place for us to build our future home together and a mountain top to retire to!

Through this process, we have covered every step in prayer. We have run into many closed doors that we thought would stop the purchase but each time God has opened those doors wide open.

Last night, on the eve of our closing, we went up to the property. Our goal was to seek God one last time on the purchase and just pray together for awhile about the road He has us on.

We were treated to not just a magnificent sunset again but also a rainbow off in the distance. We had been praying about the purchase when my husband noticed the rainbow. It really felt like God was telling us that Yes, He was indeed with us through this.

at one point it was a beautiful double rainbow

Hubby's picture of the rainbow. Love the perspective of this one.

enjoying the views

Sun's just setting 

Hubby's picture of the sunset last night

about 40 minutes after sunset

Today we closed on this piece of property. It's exciting however this has been and will continue to be, a journey in trust and faith.

A few years ago a friend gave us a picture of a dirt road in the woods. The road curves and disappears out of sight. You can not see what is beyond that curve or what you may come up against and that is how we view this journey with Christ. We could see down the road to today, the closing, but we are now at that curve and can't see what's in store for us. We know our destination is to eventually sell this house and build our home up on the hill but we have no idea what pit stops are in store for us along the way.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." ~ Maria Robinson

Today was the 1st day of writing our new ending.