Friday, January 27, 2012


I fully believe we humans are designed to need other humans. Some people need others too much and others could go weeks without needing to see another person. Me, I'm a social being. I was when I was a kid; we lived in Binghamton and my mom said I'd stand on the porch taking to every stranger that walked by. She was worried that someone would snatch me up. I have the same worries about my daughter, she seems too social sometimes. She invites strangers over for tea from the hair dressers.
The pains of life made me a very closed up person. I started to see only the negative in everyone and trusted very few people. All my "friends" were very shallow relationships. They all fell away when I stopped partying and stopped working. At 32 years old, I found Christ and finally started to grow up. It was painful to realize that these relationships were so shallow.
As I've become more involved in my church, I've developed new relationships. Authentic, honest, loving and trustworthy relationships. It's been food for a staved soul and it's been wonderful having these new relationships develop. I'm writing this because I find such great joy in my friends.
Esther and I just recently made a play date with a very dear friend and her daughter. I hope Esther and her turn into life long friends. I know I love her mommy and look forward to many years of friendship with her. Yesterday, I got to spend literally hours on the phone with my life long friend. I really don't remember a time in my life that she wasn't some part of it. We go weeks without really talking and then can just pick up where we left off. There is a deep comfort in having a friend like that. We are in different paths of our lives but we love each other and respect each others differences and I believe it strengthens our friendship. She is that comfy pair of jeans with holes that fits no matter what weight I am! Today I get to have coffee with a very new friend. It's a young relationship that I enjoy and look forward to where God's going to take it. She's smart, funny, a bit spunky and fun to be around. I love to bask in the energy she puts forward.
My greatest friend is my husband. He's my best friend, the one I would choose to spend time with over anyone. But I need need these wonderful female relationships. They provide a love, a perspective and need that just can't be filled by the wonderful man in my life.
God calls us to be a part of community. I'm blessed by the community in my life!

** I needed to edit this post to include my sweet pregnant friend I spent time with yesterday. I have no idea if she reads this but I didn't want her to feel discounted in my life if she does. She's such a part of my daily life (texting and prayer) that spending the morning with her yesterday felt like a natural part of my day.  I had a wonderful time today with my newer friend and look forward to connecting with two other amazing sisters in Christ next Thursday. Like I said, I'm blessed by the community God has placed in my life. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

reynolds' photo round-up

So we've been pretty busy getting back into the swing of things with school. I've begun researching her curriculum for when I have to begin submitting to the state in the spring. Let me tell you, there is tons of anxiety wrapped up in that. Trying to relax. God's called us to do this so He'll walk with us and show us the path we should be on.  

So, here is a photo summary of January so far. (fair warning, there's lots of pictures! )

recipe that came with Esther's baking set

I love the colors of this set. this picture doesn't show just how vibrant they are

notice the hand sneaking some marshmallows? 

yep busted

doesn't bother her that she's busted :) 

showing off her baking. I think she's really thinking,
"Will you just stop taking pictures and bake?!"
(she did great with these!)

she did most of the measuring and mixing. 

the final product

we've missed seeing our dear friends. was a fun playdate

the size of the new healthy kids meal fries

My beautiful friend and her other daughter. 

my Tinker Bell

doing copy work

new necklace

I love this picture. Reminds me of some of the old family pictures I've seen

i was trying to cook and she hijacked my iPad 

look at the bubbles. My new batch of soap is just amazing

newest luxury bar

my honey after the auction. After the prices we saw, I'm glad he's still smiling

tackling a recipe I found for a deep dish cookie! 

makes creaming butter a breeze

it looked so yummy before going in

bit of comic relief, not for Purple obviously.

I wish you could smell this! 

I loved how the salt on top reflected the light

I don't just save the craft I want to do, I try to tackle them

you can't see this but the paint bleed :(
Maybe a different fabric. I haven't given up yet

Our memory jar

I used "watermelon" colors. The lid is painted green  
Counting by 5's

view out the classroom.

one of the math books we're using right now

We are working on so much more but I can't share it all in one sitting. Till next time....

Monday, January 16, 2012

thoughts for today

Outside my window...the woods have little oasis's of sun peeking through reflecting off the snow

I am thinking...about all the organizing I still need to get done and here I sit

I am hearing...the soft chatter of Esther playing in her room. It's her reward for digging into school work today with no issues. 2 lessons left but she's having some "her" time

I am thankful...for a warm house on this bitter day

In the kitchen...we are remodeling so it's always interesting

I am creating...the printouts for Esther's timeline and to-do-lists for her. We have discovered for this period of her life, she enjoys checklists and functions better with them.

I am where today if I can help it (boring I know!)

I am we are ever going to get all the trees cut down we want to and get a yard created

I am reading...the Book of James

I am looking forward to...Washington DC

I am use my new toy and to speak Spanish with Esther

Around the house...we are going room by room, simplifying, organizing and making them more ours

A favorite quote for today...Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. james 1:12

One of my favorite husband's loving look

A peek into my life...

they are the cutest buddies

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

The Christmas season was a blur. Right in the middle of it, Randy and I renewed our vows (yes, yes posting to come!) so I feel like between that and our unseasonably warm weather, I never got fully into the Christmas spirit.

Here's some pics of Christmas Eve at Grams, Christmas day at my moms and our tree. Ok so the tree wouldn't normally be a big deal but this is our first decorated tree since Esther was born. Normally the tree consisted of lights, the advent ornament books as we read them and the cards we'd receive in the mail.

Meep and Allie


Alissa and I

Cody and I

my honey singing Christmas carols 


Christmas morning at home. we didn't get any pix of her opening her doll, just a video :( 

Christmas dinner strolled right through our yard. This is only 1/2 of them. 
we did a gift exchange by numbers. it was a lot of fun.

Esther and her babies
my hubby and his surprise gift
Yep, their mine :) 

haha He was opening the box for his sister but the picture looks like it was his so I couldn't resist. 

dad with mom and aunt eileen in the background

my sister. I think I have a picture of Cody on the computer at every holiday!

someday I'll have a whole series of her silly faces