Thursday, April 26, 2012

a stretch of my skills

I finally finished my first  formal dress. I've made sundress, pj's, robes, shorts, blankets and curtains. But this is the first formal dress I've made. I had all sorts of fears going into this. I didn't spend much on the fabric (everything was on sale, yay!) so I wasn't worried about that part but I kept hearing my grandmother's voice telling me to make sure I did this and did that. She was an amazing seamstress and I got about 1% of her sewing talent. I know this dress isn't perfect but it was fun to make.  My family lost the ability to eat in the dining room for 4 days and we are all covered with sparkles but I'm very happy with how the dress came out. I was worrying about how the seams would look and a wise friend reminded me that Esther will be moving so much that no one will have time to even notice them.

So here's a preview of the dress.....can't wait to make her some summer outfits now...