Tuesday, February 28, 2012

reynolds (photo) round-up, Feb part two

I was hoping to get part two done sooner but hey, it's still February (is it me or is this the never ending month??) Here is the continuation of Part One.....

Esther playing checkers with her brother. She's having a great time

Not so much now. I don't think she liked his move

I don't think he liked something she did!! 

a moment between my hubby and his guitar
ok so I'm being a geek here. I was playing with shutter speed
and "froze" the side of the road at 70mph

watching movies on the way to NJ

relaxing at my sisters

this used to be mostly woods...so much new construction. It's a beautiful
development though

The missing picture (couldn't find this one for my last post) This is what
her corking looks like as it completes

I had to put this inside another bowl to make it spill proof for the two days
it was going to take to "grow" our dinosaur 

We took pictures every 1/2 hour over two days. Can't wait to put the time lapse into a video.
Esther is going to help me create that one. 
The dino peaking through

template for Esther's valentines

She's always happy about doing crafts.

I love you....this much. 

February's Moon. Using the 80-200mm lens. 

These are pretty much the only visitor we get way out here! 

The following four pictures are from my Feb 10 DIY post

I had to create my own pattern for this 

the pictures do not do the colors justice

Found out my iron was broken. Had to use my flat iron to straighten
my fabric! 

I had forgotten just how much I love to sew. 

Esther with my precious friend. The little one likes to kick Esther. 

My Music Man!! 

Singing and playing together. Someday I'll post the video of this...was so precious

They sounded great together

My 40th birthday 

I love you because...
this is fun to update. I may try to photography each change! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

reynolds (photo) round-up February 22, part one

Lots of photos this time...I broke it into two posts. I am working on a new way to share all our pictures. 

Our valentines day garland 

as you can see, it wasn't always easy making it

regardless of the snags, she enjoyed making it

Poem pillow

Two Roads....needs a bit more stuffing

Desperate to sled!! 

my Grace. She's a beautiful and lovable dog

Love this picture. She finally gave into the fact that there's just no snow to sled in

And off they go...

yep that's my Tinker Bell. I have a very hard time getting a picture without her making a goofy face! 

Obsessed with water and sticks

A sweet smile

see the stick Esther has? it's how she keeps Grace close to her.

one of my favorite hens

Handicraft Esther is learning, corking
She had to make and
decorate her own tube
Ah the goofy faces again

making her tube

you have to wrap the tube with tape to keep it the right size,
then put a strip of tape with the sticky side out for the nails to stick to

making sure they are all even

now to decorate it so it no longer looks like a taped
toilet paper tube
she didn't appreciate the gooeyness of the Mod Podge

the yarn she picked out of my yarn basket

it's interesting how is weavers around the nails

it's good for her to concentrate on

she has to make three of these, then she can make a horse from them


she fights on the reading but loves the challenge
of it as we go through each lesson

She is working on writing and illustrating her own story

a bit of time with a favorite movie, one of her rewards after a morning of classes. 

Phew! I still have another large group of pictures to share but that will have to come tomorrow. Time for me put this day to bed....