Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring in new york OR what's up with this snow??

There's something seriously broken in the spring making factory. 
I can't help but think of Esther's Tinker Bell movie where Tinker Bell destroyed all the preparations for spring and the fairies were sure that spring wouldn't be able to come but Tinker Bell pulls it all togehter at the last minute.  I just hope fairies in charge of our spring hurry up and pull off spring at the last minute!

Less than a week ago on March 18, 2011

Today, March 23, 2011...6 inches later!

One good think about a cold snowy day is being stuck inside. Esther and I got school work done.  I rebatched some soap. Made a new recipe to try later (ran out of soap energy today). I also made more toothpaste. I know I just made some but none of us liked it, I won't share what was in it! So now I've gone back to my original recipe that I loved and I've tweaked it a bit to encourage my hubby to like it!  We shall see. 

My hair experiment is driving me nuts. I'm used to my hair being really soft and light. I keep reading in all these blogs and forums about women who love how their hair feels being poo free. I'm not there yet. You can't tell by looking at it but I can feel the difference. I probably should be keeping a log of what and how much, I'm putting in my hair so I'll know what I've done when I finally like it. This too is going to take time and patience. 

Back to cooking tonight. I had a dear friend make a huge pot of taco soup that was delicious. After two nights of not having to cook I am looking forward to cooking tonight but it's back to spaghetti :) Every time I grumble about it Randy reminds me we don't want to pack too much food and that it's better to use up what's in the cupboards. After moving so much I know he's right but man I can't wait to make a huge pot of my corn chowder I love so much!!    Hint hint to all those who may help us move...

Monday, March 21, 2011

no poo and overheating dogs

This has been an interesting year so far. So much has happened. Actually to the outside observer not much has happened but in our little world, we've gone through quite a bit!!

We started the year off by putting a bid in on a house we used to live in that we LOVED. This house had everything we wanted...or so we thought. It needs quite a bit of work and has quite a few problems, not to mention less than an acre of land. We began to truly evaluate what was important to us in a house and knew that this "dream" house was not the dream we wanted. We wanted land, sun, trees, room in the house, lots of sunlight in the house, a house that needed some work and as we looked, we realized that we wanted to be close to my husband's work for a change.  We found a house that fits a lot of that. Now it's just a waiting game to make sure everything goes through. We found a house with woods, open land, lots of room, close to his work and a house that is in serious need of a face lift or at least a coat of paint!   The sad downside of this to me is that we are leaving behind some really awesome neighbors and an area that I've called home most of my life. I am looking forward to this next chapter of our lives and to see what God's got in store for us. This is an opportunity to finally dig in and simplify our "stuff" that has been collecting. This move will also be great for my husband and I, emotionally and physically...we'll get to work side by side again doing something we love...making a house our home.

I've taken my desire for natural to new levels too. We're not purist in having organic and all natural products but my bent is more towards the natural now.  I think I've mentioned before that I no longer use commercial deodorant or commercial toothpaste. I've now gone shampoo free. It must not be making too much of a difference in my hair because my honey has yet to notice (ok, so now you know honey). It's been a week and I'm actually enjoying the freedom of it. There's a blog I've followed for awhile, Kendra over at A Sonoma Garden, and I stumbled on one of her posting about being poo free and it caught my attention. Since then it's intrigued me but I wasn't brave enough to try it.  Last week I dove in. No horror stories to tell yet but this newest experiment is still in it's infancy.

I did try a new deodorant recipe last week too that I love. Even my husband is now using it and his words were "I think you've got a winner there!" YAY.  And a new toothpaste recipe that he said still needs some tweaking it. BOO.

Before I go for the night I just need to share what my daughter said the other day. I love how kids hear and perceive things. Our poor dog is in heat again, I say poor because she now spends her time outside or in her crate. Guess it's time to decide that if we're not going to breed her, we'd better fix her.  Anyway, she walks in the room and informed me that the dog had overheated again.  I pray she always keeps such innocence.