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Our Dirt

It's been a long time since I've written here but I felt like this was a great event to document.  Not an overly exciting event, as Tink found out when she came along. Just a few signatures and we were on our way home. Very financially broke but our hearts spilling over with possibilities.

What am I talking about? Our future.

Four years ago we bought a beautiful little 15 acre parcel on top of a hill.  Great views, lots of sun, harsh winters and a blank canvas for us to fill.

Here's my post about that first purchase.
Over the last four years, we've gone up just to catch sunsets and sunrises. We have camped in blistering heat, crazy thunderstorms (ok, so I hid in the car), watched the stars move across the sky, had the hair stand up on our necks from the howl of coyotes (almost slept in the car), celebrated Tinks birthday up there, enjoyed the smell and sights of fall as the hill, watched meteor shower…

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