2014 in pictures (and a few words)

This has been one heck of a year.

I was telling a friend yesterday about how there were deep lows this year, mixed in with amazing blessings, for example, in September my ex-husband died and in the midst of helping his mom and our boys with arrangements, my husband and I had a grandbaby born.  Her response was, "That's amazing because most people don't have such blessings when going through hard times." That simple statement helped to change my perspective of 2014. Yes there were hard times but also some really great moments.....here is a compilation of pictures from each month, some have more than others but I realize there were many moments, often not captured by the camera and each one is precious to me.

So here is a very long photo wrap of of 2014, come along on the journey and enjoy a peek at who we are:


January was a dry and sad month for us. I didn't take many pictures at all.  Here is one of our Tink and Peyton.


February was another month of hibernating from the bone chilling winter we were having, dealing with the courts and just waiting for the warmer weather to come.

It's not a great picture but I love it because my son and I are just chatting and laughing on my birthday


My sister and I are both February babies but we weren't able to get together to celebrate till March. 

Dad and I

My little sis and me

Mini-me at her EPAC fundraiser at Barnes and Noble.


This month started off with deep heartbreak.  This was the month that Peyton left our home.

Day before he left

Tink as a Blind Mouse in EPAC's production of SHREK the Musical





The month my husband whisked me away from normal life for two whole weeks.

We drove to Asheville to visit my friend, then to Homestead and the Miami area to visit a friend of Hubby's, then to the Marathon and Key West for a few days and then to Daytona Beach for a week. It was a much needed vacation for both of us and I have more pictures that I could ever share here. If you are interested in seeing them you can look on my Flickr.

Packed in and ready for the long drive ahead

I miss her so much!

This picutre captures all we love about the south. Palm trees, ocean and the blazing sun. (Marathon, FL)

We watched Raoul roll this cigar, then we bought it.
We will light it up and share it the day we fulfill our dream of moving south.

Daytona Beach

Christian's graduation from RIT


Hubby was the only one really crazy enough to get into the pool this past summer.
It was a chilly summer and the water stayed cold.

Beautiful granddaughter
Tink and Tay 

Father's Day. Hubby always mans the grill.

Me and our son Aaron

Hubby and his son Aaron

Tink and her brother Seth

Seth, Joe and Henry

camping on our hill

the girls loved climbing on the hay bales up on our hill. 


July was a pivotal month for me. You can here more of why here.

Every year on Tink's bday we do a Mommy & Me picture.
I love this one because we're both squinting from the sun. 

Tink's bday morning

The view as we were leaving.
Wow, when they grow up??

Tink and Tay with their counselor.  
Hubby and his mom on his bday


We discovered kayaking and bought a convertible, named Katharine, after the Great White Shark.

Taking Kat for a drive

 All the kids are part of our group except one!

I couldn't have survived Tink's toddler years without these women

 Hubby, Tay and Tink

Tink and her life love friend Boo. 

I love having friends like this! 


September started out like any others, homeschool lessons started again, fall weather was beautiful and then it took a life changing turn, for my boys.....

 Labor Day kayaking 

First day of school 

We kayaked 7 miles this day

 the memorial for their father

 The boys with a family friend who has been a part of my life since I was a kid.


This was another month that I didn't take many photos.  My hubby had to go to Nashville but first he got his plans changed by a day so I could attend the Runner's World Half Marathon & Festival's 5k. Pictures for that to follow.

 waiting for daddy's plane to take off

We got lots of cuddle time in. 
Tink was almost sad when daddy came home 
because she couldn't sleep with me anymore.


Thanksgiving is such a time of joy and blessing for me. My favorite part is after the dinner is done, on the table and everyone is chatting while eating.  Family. It's really what it's all about.  This was the second year there was Great Grandparents, Great Aunt and Uncle,  Grandpa and Nana (us), Aunts, Uncles, brothers, sisters. Family.

 1st Snow

 I love that so many of the family can make it each year. 

Precious grandkids


Cody's birthday kicks off the month. Our 10 year anniversary was this month too. What an amazing journey it's been so far! 
 Christmas eve celebration is our house with my hubby's side of the family and then at my mom's on Christmas with my side of the family.  Through it all there is laughter, food, family, love and of course music. 


 Cody and his girlfriend Kayla. She's a wonderful addition to our family

 Christmas Eve carols led by my hubby

Our daughter Ali and our beautiful granddaughter.

 I love this man with all my heart. 

I love these kids 

 It was a lot of fun to have some of the adult kids around on Christmas morning this year

 Beautiful Sisters - the two most influential women in my life

Thrilled with her dolly and me sleeping bags 

The boys love their aunt

Running 2014

Since I ran a marathon in 2010, I have only sporadically run, till July of this year.  I ran four 5k's and around 200 miles.  

 Aug 14 -Women's Distance Run  32:11

Aug 23 - Chris Thater Memorial   30:20

Beautiful (hilly) October run

 With Bart Yasso - one of my running heros

 with Ted Spiker - the creator of the Sub 30 Club that became my driving motivation to run a sub 30 minute 5k

My greatest Champion, supporter, encourager and love of my life

My 1st sub 30 5k and it was a rough one but was so excited it happened at RW! 

Training run in late October 

my second sub 30 5k - I placed 2nd in my age group at the Chilly Chase 5k  29:56

Thanks for coming along on this journey. 

And now, as I wrap up this long post, I'm headed to bed. However I must first remove my contacts, on this last evening of 2014 so that tomorrow when I wake, I can put in my fresh contacts and view 2015 with new eyes.  


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