10 Beautiful Years

Music. It is powerful. I don't fully understand just how it impacts me. I'm not sure anyone fully understands musics impact on us. I can hear a song from 30 years ago and I remember every single word yet I can't remember the name of most of the people I knew 30 years ago. The first time I heard music that moved me to tears was when I was 15 years old with I was introduced to Phantom of the Opera. Since then music has continued to move me.

A little over 10 years ago, while sitting in a prayer group at church, I heard someone playing a guitar and singing. I knew right then I needed to know to that man. Little did I know it would totally change my life.  Music. It's the driving beat to my life.

I was a different person then, more bold, aggressive, so I tracked down this man that I'd seen and heard from across the room.  I introduced myself and we began to get to know each other.  I'd look forward to his emails each day and our phone calls at night.  A few times he had emailed me songs he'd recorded just for me. He consumed my thoughts. We didn't really spend time together, just the emails, phone calls and I'd see him at church.  Then he told me he had to go pick up a couch. I immediately volunteered my services.  It was that night that started it all. We moved a couch, we got coffee, we wandered around the drug store and we began our incredible journey together.  I'll never forget walking through Eckerd Drug Store, him singing Baby It's Cold Outside with the store music. Even though it's not really a romantic song, I always joke that it's our song.  Music, again, imprinted into major memories of my life.

Our legal wedding anniversary is in April but December 16th, 2004 is our 1st "date", the day we marked the beginning of our relationship. It is also the date, in 2011, after 5 years of marriage, we renewed our vows at our church with all our family and friends present.  Our real song, God Bless the Broken Road, was sang at our wedding and has been a thread through our lives. The music of us!

So after 10 years of some extremely wonderful and blessed times and some heartbreaking and challenging valleys, I want to say Happy Anniversary to my Beloved.  I look forward to many more years with you, our children, our families, our challenges and joys.

I love you my Mr. Basbe!


  1. I've read this a dozen times and been moved by it. I am not sure why I didn't leave a comment but its never too late.
    Music, yes it is powerful. It is probably the most common and consistent part of who I am for my whole life. There have been periods of time when it is more alive and others when it was dormant, like annual flowers under a winter snow waiting for the spring. There has always been a song that flows from my heart.The music itself has always been what draws me...I haven't spent much time with lyrics.I suppose I should and will.
    I have noticed a change in my music since we met, a good change.
    For the greater part of my life the music that has flowed from my fingers was sad and melancholy...from the moment you captured my heart the music changed to peaceful, happy, joy filled, hope-filled and satisfied. I recognize it because most of the time I am playing, I am playing for me. I sense the comfort, peace and satisfaction of my soul... I can think of one song that I began back on Deans street, "the journey" is its name. It is the song of us... it is funny how we can hear or read something so many times then one day we read it and it has whole new meaning...all these years I have been playing for myself.. It is time to include you, my love for you are part of me. IT is time to wrap some of that music around you that you would know how deep the well springs of love for you are within my heart..It is time for you to share parts of me that I have kept to me..
    I love you mrs basbe

    1. The song that flows from your heart, wraps it's loving melody around me daily in the actual music you play and in the words and actions that flow through you. I love you also, my Mr. Basbe. You have been My Musician since the day I met you!


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