Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mommy's, skits, bills and soaps...

Well the 1st meeting is over. It seemed to go really good. I really had a great time and I love the women at my table. I miss sitting with my old friends but it will be lots of fun to meet new moms this year.  I believe our skit went very well. For a group of women who didn't want to get in front of the room, (me right at the top of that list!) I think everyone did a great job. Already looking forward to next month.

Now during my down time this afternoon (Esther is playing on the computer next to me) I get to dive into researching more soap recipes. On my, it's so fun to make. I can't wait to really dive into it and get creative. There are soaps out there that look like food! It's going to be fun to get more experienced and then creative. My next project is Hippie Heaven and I plan on tie-dying it! It should be fun :)

Ah but 1st I must take care of responsibilities....bills....ick.

Thank you Lord for being with us this morning and for strengthening and encouraging each of us. Thank you for the women you've brought into Your ministry this year. May you draw each of them to you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The 1st large group meeting of MOPS starts tomorrow. I'm so very excited and really nervous too. I'm so very humbled that God chose to include me on the steering team this year with a amazing group of women. It's an amazing ministry that I'm excited to be a part of.  I think the theme verse this season Psalm 139:10 will speak hope to many moms. It has for me. I'm in charge of publicity this year and the newsletter has "stories" from different moms about moments that God was there. It's been such an encouragement to me and has ministered to me deeply.  I can't wait to see how other women are affected by the stories of God's love and support. We are opening with a skit...should be really interesting. I hate public speaking.  Will be praying lots for all of us tomorrow!!

Lord, please speak through each of us on the steering team and open the hearts of the women coming into MOPS this year. I pray that you are there with us. I also pray and lift up to you a certain woman so that she may have peace, comfort and feel your love and acceptance.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I've felt discouraged and overwhelmed lately. Things I've seen the last couple of days have been such an encouragement to me....

I love watching the hand of God moving. I'm seeing it in some amazing changes in the lives of some friends of Randy and mine. It's very exciting to see God moving them, stirring their hearts and answering their prayers in ways that to them there is no doubt it's Him moving.
Today I got a message that a client where I volunteer said that I had effected her life. I was floored. I felt like I didn't say the right things to her. My heart broke for her. The young woman felt like the only option she had if she was pregnant was to have an abortion. She didn't feel like she could have the baby, she couldn't do that to her family.  I talked with her, I prayed with her and when she left I prayed for her. But I felt like I didn't say anything right. I'm humbled that through that God used me and touched her heart. I still pray for her, that God calls her to Him. Every woman I meet there effects me. I take a piece of them with me. I pray for them and ache for them. I wish I could help them all, take them all under my wing but all I can do is be open to the spirit and release them to Him so that He may help them make the right decisions.
Also today, one of my children asked me to pray with them. I was touched beyond words. I pray that God keeps drawing this child to Him and that He calls all our children back into His arms.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a witness to the amazing things you are doing.  I pray that you continue to use me to touch the lives of others. I pray that you continue to do the tough job of keeping me humble and that you keep me aching for Your love and comfort. amen

Friday, October 1, 2010


I am whipped out this week. Spiritual warfare is exhausting and painful but through it I learn and grow. My husband and I are in a couple of ministries that are on "the front lines" of freeing people or ministering to those in dire need. We are also closely connected to someone is who is openly seeking and the enemy wants us at odds or distracted so that we can't be as much of a support to this person and so that we're ineffective in our ministries.  There are days like I had this week that I really need to lean on Jesus in prayer because I just don't feel like fighting the fight.  I remember my life before I let Him be the Lord of it. Frankly at times it was nice doing what I wanted, relaxing more than not but it wasn't fulfilling and it certainly wasn't peaceful.  I have immense joy and peace following God's will for me but it's not always easy.   As I've pressed in this week in prayer I'm finding I have more energy and strength. Let me rephrase that...I find that HE is carrying it appears that I have more strength.  I got a slight respite yesterday from my normal schedule. I had the startings of a root canal. It was nice to sit in in the dentist's chair and have nothing expected of me (for those who don't know me...I HATE going to the dentist so to find rest in his chair really means I'm starting to feel some stress).  I guess I'd better find a way to incorporate a day of rest into my schedule to recharge each week. I love all I do and I don't want to get burned out at all!

Lord, please continue to teach me how to balance my life. I pray that You have Your way in my life and that You push all resistance and obstacles out of the way.