Spring Will Come

I love spring. So many exciting things going on.

I'm planning our expanded garden. We've already cleared away a lot of the winter debris from the garend area.

I've been planing like crazy. I have my tomatoes, peppers, onions, broccoli, herbs and many flowers already started. Some of the seeds I planted 3 days ago have already sprouted and my kitchen garden, that includes, 2 types of lettuce, spinach and a bush cucumber, is well underway.

Tink planning her garden with her new plant book

Today I made a frame to hold the lights for my seedlings. They are very happy now that they don't have to stretch to the windows anymore.

I've been listening to friends and family that live about 45 minutes to an hour west of us, talk about seeing robins. Yesterday, Tink and I saw our 1st robin in town. Glad them finally decided to make the trek east, to our little town.  Now if they'd just make it up our hill!

If you know us, you probably know that we are slightly addicted to grapes. I hate to rush the season on us because it means summer is over but we look forward to our grape picking every year. We normally pick around 100 lbs of grapes for eating, grape bread and sometimes grape juice.  This spring we have broken down and purchases some grape vines.  Our grapes have the beginnings of grapes on them already and I swear I can see the plants themselves get bigger every day.

Isn't that the cutest leaf? 

I've started seeing some of the spring flowers breaking through, like the tulips.

I love that the days are getting longer. It's still daylight at 7 pm! It also means that we are starting to get more eggs from our chickens too.

Each day there is something new coming awake despite the chilly temps that refuse to go away. Soon the wonderful heat of summer will be upon us! Till then I'll just keep planting and planning my garden.


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